I LOVE my permanent eyeliner! This has totally changed how I see myself. I was even told I have a “glow” and it is all thanks to Maddy. She made me feel relaxed and comfortable the whole time. She kept checking on making sure I was doing okay. To say Maddy is AMAZING is an understatement. I would go back to her in a heartbeat for any future permanent make-up. Thank you so much, Maddy!

Egypt Bennett
July 28, 2023

Had the intimate bleaching training yesterday with Takia. This was the most thorough training I have ever done with a beauty professional in the Orlando Area. Not only did I learn how to perform the service, I received the most detailed comprehensive analysis of my business and I walked out with the utmost profound business advice that I will carry with me to continue increasing revenue for my business. I was no expecting that at all. Takia knows exactly what she is doing and she truly set me up for success. If I could give 10 stars I would. Highly recommend any Esthetician to seek training here

Brook Johnson
July 19, 2023

Emilie monje was my esthetician and she did amazing. My skin was so soft, bright , and clear after she did my facial. She was super sweet and had gentle hands while handling the tools and touching my face. I have a video of the facial on my page @brookthebeautiful on Instagram and TikTok. I would highly recommend getting a facial with her. I will definitely be back 💕

Dominica Ivory
July 11, 2023

Thank you so much Maddy 🥰 she’s very humble, very informative, she’s definitely a people person❗️Maddy will make you feel very safe and comfortable when around her and will make you feel ready for your new journey in life 💯 I’m ready to see what god has in store for me. Thank you Maddy for being very helpful, understanding, and professional. I love how she has a relationship with god I’m a big believer myself so it makes my heart warm to know there’s believers out here still, which is what pulled me closer to her to make me want to spend my money and time with her🥰

Wandy Bolorin
June 27, 2023

Maddy is such an awesome and informative instructor. She makes you feel at home and she genuinely cares!!! She’s very detailed and is so supportive. So happy was able to meet and get my lip blushing license from Maddy Jean Permanent Makeup Academy ❤️

Yuni Aguilera
June 13, 2023

I took 1:1 training with Maddy to learn her lush brow techniques. I was aware that she is one of the best in the PMU industry, and taking her class just confirmed it. She's not only knowledgeable but also dedicated to what she does. She really cares for her students, and she is committed to make sure you learn. Even after completing my training, she keeps helping me with any doubts that I could possibly have. She is down to earth, kind, she will give you all her knowledge and ways to be successful. My classes with Maddy were also helpful to build my confidence while doing any brow techniques. If you are planning to begin in this field and you really want to learn from someone who's going to mentor and support you, don't hesitate and take her classes. La mejoooooor💕💕

May 20, 2023

The course was very informative and so much fun! Takia has a great personality, keeps it real. I am definitely ready to pursue this new journey of intimate skin lightening.

Ayva Risley
May 1, 2023

Maddy is literally the best most in depth teacher I have ever had. She gives you every material and source you need to succeed and lets you work on multiple models in her class. You can tell she really cares and wants each of her students to be successful, she’s just amazing💖

Maddy is literally the best. Super talented in her work and her teaching! I’ve been fortunate to know her for a while and have been able to receive services from her and her business partner, as well as from students in one of her classes and finally being a student in her class. She allows you to be hands on and is very transparent with everything she teaches. She genuinely cares about improving the lives of and uplifting others. I left feeling confident and secure to begin this new venture.

Chelsea Anderson
April 23, 2023

Maddy Jean was the best teacher! I actually had a previous liner training with a completely different artist before and left there not knowing how to do proper pressure, etc. I am so happy I took another training with Maddy because now I know pressure and depth! I was so confused before. Maddy took the whole day to really make sure I understand what she was teaching me. She even let me tattoo the bottom of her toe for pressure for example!! I love trainings where I learn and grasp all of the concepts. Now I’m tattooing so much better. Thank you ♥️

Nataya Bailey
March 25, 2023

I took a training with Justakia! She is an AMAZING instructor! Very thorough and hands on! You will definitely leave the class confident and ready to service! She is your go to instructor she holds NO info back and definitely helps guide you on marketing, building clientele and also share contact info of people you may need for a successful business. So Happy I found her I had an amazing experience.

Maddy’s guidance left me with Soooo much confidence! She kept every simple yet precise and on point. Best experience! Highly recommend!

s Mensah
December 3, 2022

I trained with Kia for intimate bleaching and she was wonderful ! there isn’t many training you can find that still mentors and communicates with you after the training! She is very professional , knowledgeable and honest ! I would recommend any training class of her’s to any one looking to get into performing any of her services

Jacquelyn Fonseca
November 2, 2022

After having 2 kids I was self conscious about my inner thighs and vaginal area being darker than the rest of my skin but I came across this bleaching stuff online and tried it. It worked! It’s almost as light as the rest of my skin already. I love this product and definitely recommend it.

Candise Nicole
November 1, 2022

The skin lightening cream WORKED better than I thought

Kendall Solomon
November 1, 2022

Wow! I really was skeptical about if this cream would work or not and to my surprise it actually DID! I will definitely be buying again

Sophorn Khorn
October 18, 2022

Recently took the Lip Blush course with Maddy Jean & it was worth every penny! She took the time to make sure I understood each section of the training before moving on. She loves sharing her experience, knowledge, & skills in PMU because she truly want you to succeed! I definitely recommend taking any offered PMU course with her if you're interested in learning & succeeding!

G Gale
October 10, 2022

Follow up review: when mel g finally got back to me she denied saying that removal would hurt and pretty much blamed me for 30 percent of the lashes falling out within 24 hours because I had sparse lashes. I ended up going somewhere else and had what was left removed which in no way hurt and a new set applied and its been a little over 24hours and not 1 lash has fallen out. It seemed like mel was more interested in making excuses and told me good luck to you and your new lash tech as well honey! Very unprofessional also said the reason it took her so long to get back to me was because she has a life again very unprofessional the permanent make up side of this salon is probably very good looking at her work but I would not recommend the lashes. Waste of $140.00

Kimberly Rocha
September 19, 2022

This is THE place! Training was amazing and very welcoming environment with people that care💕 Thank you so much Takia!

Leira Pagan
September 1, 2022

Maddy is literally the best. I am a total introvert and don’t usually feel comfortable with people I don’t know well. Maddy made me feel welcome from the minute I walked in the door, she was extremely informative and very detailed and I left her class knowing that I was prepared and feeling empowered.

Chloe Hopper
August 28, 2022

I've gotten my lashes done by MelG for the past 6 months. She is so professional and makes you feel super comfortable. The environment is very welcoming and she SLAYS my lashes everytime!! I 10/10 recommend!💖

Miaya Waxing
August 24, 2022

I received intimate bleaching training by Takia at Dejean beauty today and I wish I could rate it a 10 star!! She was very thorough going over theory for 1.5hrs and then providing a hands on model for the procedure. I feel super confident in offering this new service. Also you receive a kit for about your first 20 people. If you are thinking about taking a training with Takia I highly recommend !!!

Kiarha Rivera
August 24, 2022

Got my lashes done with MelG and she did not disappoint. She really pays attention to what you want and out of the few people I’ve gone to before her she provides amazing quality in less the time than most lash artists. If you’re looking for a lash tech I highly recommend her!

jadyn wilderman
July 17, 2022

Takia is an amazing instructor I took her Intimate Bleaching course (virtually) and it was one of the best decisions I’ve made. I love how informative the course was, and how she provided everything for you to help start your business. 10/10 experience!

Ivana Benton
July 12, 2022

I had the pleasure of participating in the one on one intimate bleaching class with Ms. Takia in my hometown Stockbridge, Georgia. This one on one class was very informative, and Ms. Takia was very hands on with me. 10/10 recommend for all estheticians. Thank you!

Ivy Blair
July 11, 2022

Taking this class was one of the best decisions I’ve ever made. I left with complete confidence and no doubt I’ll be making my way to success. Thank you for everything Maddy! You’re a gem💕

Siham Taji
June 14, 2022

Thank you so much !!!!! dejean beauty I just had training for ultimates bleaching, last Saturday she’s very professional ,she teach us very well And I recommend everybody looking for Ultimate bleaching course don’t hesitate👏👏👏

Gene Childs
May 24, 2022

I recently took a group Intimate bleaching training course with Ms.Takia. She was very informative and provided the essentials to start offering services immediately. Her personality is very welcoming. She even took the time to review my social media handles, to help ensure they were appealing to the targeted audience! I highly recommend!

May 21, 2022

I recently took a Intimate bleaching class with Takia. Takia was super helpful. She answered any questions I had. She was very pleasant and knowledgeable. Thank you for your time. Takia you are a great instructor 🥰

Took a virtual training course for intimate bleaching with Takia, not only was she an amazing person she is an amazing trainer, she is very informational and made sure I understood everything we went through I highly recommend taking any courses the team has to offer

edimar Milagros
April 26, 2022

I took a class with Takia for micro needling and it was one of the class I have ever took! She take her time to teach you step by step she not only teach you what’s the procedure, she explain it to you she show it to you and put you hands on! I love her teaching and her charisma! Such a great person and teacher, I love her and I love her work! I trust her and was the best decision I took

Edith Bustamante
April 17, 2022

Thank you so much for your training class, I enjoyed it a lot. You are Very professional and friendly! I had private training with Justakia for intimate bleaching and I highly recommend her. She is very knowledgeable & passionate about teaching. I am really happy i took this training with her. I recommend her courses to anyone really trying to learn and grow in the beauty industry.

Joselyn Soto
March 30, 2022

I recently took an intimate bleaching course with Justakia and it was amazing ! She is an outstanding instructor, went above and beyond and took the time to answer every question I had. She provides all the material to make this a successful career and gives great business pointers as well. Would definitely recommend taking a course with her. I look forward to my next course with her.

Shannon Dorn
March 8, 2022

I Was overly impressed with Maddy Jean and the nano class I took with her. She was a very good teacher. I feel like she didn’t leave anything out. Very thorough and kind and makes you feel like one of her good friends. I would definitely recommend her classes to anyone who wants to get into the industry.

Jessica Duran
March 8, 2022

Wow! What a class! I’ve been in the PMU industry for over 5 years and have taken 8+ PMU courses and I cannot think of one instructor or one time anyone, who’s matched Maddys energy. Maddy is Amazing. I came to Florida from Boston, and am planning to continue traveling for any other refresher course she has to offer! I couldn’t get enough of her virtues, Great personality and great teacher. I whole heartedly recommend Maddy and the DeJean Beauty Studio team.

I took a Lip Blush training class with Maddy and it was one of the best investments I made in myself. Maddy demonstrated professionalism and shared her knowledge throughout the class. Maddy gave me all the tools and confidence I need to have a successful business. I would highly recommend her training courses to anyone in the permanent makeup industry whether you’re a beginner or someone who wants to improve their skills.

March 7, 2022

I had private training with Justakia for intimate bleaching and I highly recommend her. She is very knowledgeable & passionate about teaching. I’m excited to offer this service in my studio and I know if I have any questions, she will be available to answer all my questions. If you’re looking to add this service you will get the best training with DEJEAN beauty

Shaii Freeman
February 27, 2022

Takia is absolutely amazing! I took the intimate bleaching virtual training. The training was very thorough, all questions were asked, i even got connected with Essi For A future Vajacial Training. Invest in yourself and book your training.

Renee Gause
February 24, 2022

Takia offered a very informative hands on training for intimate area lightening. She was very friendly, informative and engaging. I left class feeling confident and excited to add this new service to my service list. The best part is I can still utilize her expertise 6 months after training for questions/advise. I highly recommend this class to fellow waxers looking to expand. Thank you Takia!

Killy Killy
February 19, 2022
Rwings01 Debose
February 1, 2022

After researching various pmu trainer I decided to go with Maddy Jean. Maddy is AMAZING, super informative, experienced and sweet . She made sure we all understood proper technique, cleaning, protection and how to avoid mistakes. I liked the fact that she is not money focused ! She focuses in quality and dignity. Best part she has a 6month program you can shadow at no extra cost. This seriously one of the best investment I ve ever done. Paula M.

Rachel Strumkovsky
January 3, 2022

I got my brows done by Yesi and I absolutely love them! She is detailed oriented (which I love!) and took her time to make them perfect. She is very professional and followed up with me after to see how my brows were and to answer any questions. I absolutely recommend going to Yesi if you want beautiful brows!

Alexandra Diaz
December 11, 2021

I got my eyebrows done by Maddy and I looooove them! She’s is very profesional with an amazing personality, she explain everything in detail and make sure your eyebrows are perfect! I’ll be a client FOREVER

Aleyah Riller
December 7, 2021

I got my eyebrows done with Yesi and she did an amazing job!! I love my eye brows! She made sure they were perfect. She is very professional and I highly recommend

justine cadet
November 29, 2021

Thank you Yesi. I’m so obsessed with my eyebrows. You gave me the confidence boost I needed. You were so kind and down the earth I felt like I was talking one of my one homegirls . You did justice to my eyebrows. I can’t stop looking in th mirror, they’re just perfect. I’m glad chose you 💯💯💯

Jacquelyn Belair
November 25, 2021

I recently took an ombre class from Maddy and despite already knowing how to do the service I learned so much from her. She’s great at making everything make sense and gives you the tools, knowledge, and confidence to start and grow your business. I’ve taken classes in the past but I will say Maddy is the best teacher that I’ve ever had. She has so much patience and answers any and all questions in a way that you can interpret without confusion. I will definitely be following her journey and taking more classes from her in the future. Maddy is well worth investing in and she is passionate about helping you succeed.

Erin Pontorno
November 24, 2021

I’ve been wanting to take an Ombré brow training with Maddy for over 2 years and I finally got to do it! The class was 3 days long, Maddy was very thorough in her training. You can tell she put a lot of time and effort into her training course… I left there feeling confident in my knowledge and technique. Thank you dejean beauty… I will definitely be taking more classes with you in the future!

Blue Eyes
November 24, 2021

I like to grow and take additional training every year but not every trainer or training is the same with having taken many of them I can truly say that Maddy went above and beyond to give us a great 3 day Training. She made sure to go deep enough on some subjects but also tried to make it as simple as possible not to overwhelm us.. working on life models, having a starter kit to be able to make some money right away keep it energized through out the 3 days made it fun .. definitely 5 stars ⭐️

Lacie Uppole
November 8, 2021

Yes I was amazing! She took the time to make sure my brows were absolutely perfect. She’s very professional and does and amazing job. The facility is clean and I felt very comfortable. 100% recommend!

I had the most incredible experience learning from Maddy. She was patient and knowledgeable and really helped me take my career to the next level. I highly recommend Dejean Beauty for all your beauty needs and any educational needs in permanent makeup. Maddy is an excellent trainer and I highly recommend her.

Ngocha Tran
November 5, 2021

Excellent! I love Maddy!

Raven Johnson
November 3, 2021

Had an amazing training with Takia today. I learned intimate bleaching and I walked away feeling completely confident. She is an amazing teacher and was very informative. Highly Recommend her for any trainings you may want to do.

Mari Muniz
October 20, 2021

Highly recommend Yesenia did my brows and they look amazing I use to not like my brows before but now I love them thanks to her She does an amazing job Very friendly place as well

Donna Chin
October 20, 2021

I got my eyebrow done today by Yesenia (Yesi) and she did an amazing job. I had no ideas what to expect and she took the time to explain the procedure from start to finish. She's very sweet and kind and patient and took the time to perfect her craft. She listened to my concerns and went above and beyond to address any concerns that I had. I would definitely recommend her to anyone looking to get their eyebrows done. I feel beautiful. I love my eyebrows, Thank you Yesi for a job well done Update 11/30/2021 I went back for my 6 weeks touchup for my eyebrows and walked out feeling so beautiful and confident. Yesenia did such a wonderful job with my brows they look spectacular. Thanks again for such great customer service.

Maria Franco
October 20, 2021

I absolutely love this place! Maddy and Takia are extremely professional and knowledgeable! Takia did a great job bleaching! really love their bleaching cream it REALLY works! Maddy did my ombre eyebrows and omg I truly love them!....I highly recommend them!

Denaisha Binder
October 18, 2021

I had such a great time learning with Takia! She was extremely knowledgeable and was great at explaining technique. In a short amount of time I was able to learn this technique but feel comfortable bringing it back to California for my clients. I can’t wait until I have another training with Takia! Thank you so much for your warm welcome and your knowledge!

Nani Perez
October 14, 2021

Yesi did my brows here, and I love them. Every one in the shop is super friendly and welcoming. Deffntly a Must!

McKayla Mather
October 13, 2021

Maddy is amazing and has been for years! I started going to her years ago for my own brows and just got certified myself to create beautiful eyebrows!! Thank you very much!! I will be back . ❤️

shark puppet Mendez
October 7, 2021

I did intimate bleaching training with dejean and she was such a vibe I am so happy I was pointed to her she’s there for her flute s after training as well that’s the best part Brittany R <3 Corpus Christi Texas

Jessica Torres
October 2, 2021

Yesenia did an amazing job on my eyebrows!!! I love the shape and the process was not bad either! She is very professional and kind and I appreciate her taking the time to shape my brows perfectly to my liking! Definitely go see her if your wanting your eyebrows done it worth it!!!! Before and after pictures posted below!

Sara Schroeder
September 30, 2021

*HIGHLY RECOMMEND* Yesenia did my eyebrows and they are phenomenal. Better than I ever expected. I am the type of girl who never puts make up on her eyebrows, EVER even in full glam. So I was skeptical at first but I took the risk and risk was worth the reward! The amount of compliments I get daily are a major confident boost. I am feeling myself!! And they aren’t even fully healed yet! I would definitely keep doing this because the amount of self confidence it gives me is out of this world! Not only so I feel amazing but the staff was amazing! Yesenia was super professional the entire time and also did I say the sweetest. She doesn’t rush. She makes sure everything looks perfect and up to her standards! And she has high standards. So you’re walking out of there looking at 10/10! All the other ladies I met. (Owner being one of them) we’re super sweet. The vibe is girl boss and welcoming. A safe place for women to be woman and feel beautiful. Go visit them and see my girl Yesenia!

Nayanna Abisogun
September 11, 2021

Maddy did a beautiful job on my ombre brows, they look very natural and precise.. I highly recommend !!

Johanna Fraticelli
August 25, 2021

I am blessed to have chosen Mrs.Maddy as my teacher in eyebrow micro-pigmentation, the professionalism and dedication that she teaches is incredible and passes the expectations, thank you for everything and for believing in me, you are the BEST!!!

Sharecca Moore
August 10, 2021

I just want to say Takia Intimate Bleaching training course is the boom😂 she is an amazing person and very hands on. Oh ya did I mention after your training is done you can contact her if you have any questions or concerns. I highly recommend ‼️‼️

Shadae Prophete
August 6, 2021

Thank you Takia! This experience was a 5 out of 5, she was so professional, she provided detailed information, a bunch of resources, and a lifetime of mentorship for her students! I am really happy i chose to learn from her, all the tips and tricks not to mention the affordability. I recommend her courses to anyone really trying to learn and grow in the beauty/skin care industry.

Live Hart
August 5, 2021

Working with Fatimah at Dejean Beauty was an amazing experience. She did my makeup for a music video shoot and gave me the "natural" look I was going for. Fatimah's personality was up beat and professional. A real gem to work with. I highly recommend.

Beauty Hallback
August 4, 2021

I am a weekly client for Orlando MUA Fatimah. The staff is very friendly and welcoming every time I walk through the door. I’m soo grateful for Fatimah services and the relationship we’ve build since getting my makeup done at Dejean Beauty!!

Elizabeth Bass
July 31, 2021

Amazing instructor! Super sweet and organized! I took the intimate bleaching class and I love it! Very informative and it came with a kit with everything I needed.

Tajae Carter
July 30, 2021

Takia at Dejean Beauty is absolutely amazing! I recently completed their Intimate Bleaching Training virtually and it has complimented my business so well! The training was thorough, all my questions were answered! My clients are loving the results! I occasionally reach out to purchase more supplies (the amazing bleaching cream and others), I’m answered promptly and the items are usually delivered within 2 days of me ordering! Invest in yourself and business and book your training today!

Kourtney Lindsey
July 23, 2021

Working with these ladies at Dejean Beauty was truly an amazing experience. They are strong business minded professionals who like to have fun & connect with others. Maddie, Takia & Fatimah are great mentors in the beauty industry. They are all so very knowledgeable about their craft as they provide nothing but quality service to each & every client! Their energy is so positive & just an overall vibe. If you are looking to join the beauty industry, I highly recommend taking one of the many training courses they have to offer. Dejean Beauty is a powerhouse! 🤍

Mrs. Hamilton
July 9, 2021

My bestie did a lot of research & told me that DEJEAN BEAUTY seems to be the best place to go. So I made my appointment with Maddy Jean to get my brows done. I must say I was very nervous & excited about getting them done. After meeting & talking with Maddy Jean she made me feel so relaxed & comfortable. Maddy Jean is so sweet, kind, beautiful, professional and very knowledgeable! She took her time with me & explained everything step by step. This was the BEST experience ever for me. I just got my brows done on 7/8/21 & I am totally obsessed with them!! They look so natural to me & I can’t wait for them to fully heal. Getting my brows done is one of my best decisions ever! I highly recommend Maddy Jean to everyone!! Thanks again for everything🤗💕

Johanna Gomez
May 31, 2021

I had my eyebrows done by Mady several weeks ago, and I had an amazing experience. She is very professional and provided great customer service. I had a combo of ombre with powder done on my eyebrows and she explained the procedure and was very attentive to what I desired for my eyebrows. It was my first time getting my eyebrows micro shaded and I felt very comfortable throughout the entire process. I would definitely recommend Mady for your beauty needs.

May 28, 2021

I went to Dejean Beauty as my last resort to bleaching. And I'm happy to say that I was not disappointed. I have seen great results and I would definitely recommend Takia 100 times for all your bleaching needs. Great customer service and very informative about the entire process from start to finish.

Thank you so much for your work! Very professional and friendly! Will definitely come back! ♥️

Jynelle Aguilar
May 17, 2021

The girls are extremely friendly, attentive and professional. Love their work and how comfortable they make me feel.

Sarah Spratley
April 11, 2021

Fresh Brows! Amazing work, attention to detail and knew exactly the look I was going for! She is amazing and takes her time to get it perfect. I came from Tampa because her technique is so realistic!

Annette Geliga
March 20, 2021

I recently got my eyebrows done with a Maddy and I absolutely love them. She is so welcoming and made me feel comfortable. I would recommend anyone looking to do their eyebrows to go to her she is the best.

Lili N
March 11, 2021

I just had eyeliner and lip blush done by Maddy. She was very professional and neat and she paid attention to details. I would recommend her if you need permanent makeup done.

Jenny Burns
February 8, 2021
Alexis Campbell
January 30, 2021

Absolutely in love with my lip blush!!!! I recommend Maddy an her team to everyone!!!!! Eyebrows are next!😍

Vanessa Paneque
December 30, 2020

I went here for the first time to get a Brazilian wax by Kat and I was not disappointed! She was super nice and made me feel so comfortable. I will definitely come back to see her!

Gabbi Jay
September 29, 2020

Staff was super friendly & Maddy was AMAZING & slaaaaayed my eyebrows. They made me feel so at home & though the place is small it is very sanitary. Maddy made me feel soooo comfortable with making such a big change. 10/10 recommend!

Great service & Knowledgeable

Roger That
August 28, 2020

This was my second time in, this time for a touch up on my brows & i just fall in love with the entire place more each time! from the vibe, to the artistry, to the after & during care. i definitely cannot wait to have more things done here! i leave feeling like a brand new radiant woman! maddy always has great advice about life or just knows what to say in that moment you didn’t know you neede her! i highly recommend this for anyone who wants to feel more beautiful than they already are!

Andrea H
August 23, 2020

Amazing first time visit! These women know how to take care of their clients! From Kat's vagacial to Takia's bleaching it is a great way to pamper yourself. I felt welcomed and comfortable. The studio is clean and followed all COVID protocol. Scheduled my next services already. Thank you Ladies!!

Doe B
August 18, 2020

I have personally got every service that this salon offers they are absolutely amazing talented women. You literally feel like your with your girlfriends the salon has a great vibe and energy!

Joylen Rivera
August 7, 2020

I had a deep pore cleansing facial and it was wonderful beginning to end! Takia was professional and timely. She explained everything as she proceeded. Definitely going to schedule another facial! Highly recommend!

Sophie Hall
July 16, 2020

I had my brows done by Maddy and she did a great job!! I love them and they aren’t even fully healed yet. She was patient and talked through everything that was going to be done and made me feel comfortable, if you want better looking brows go see Maddy❤️☺️

Maya Jack
July 16, 2020

This past Friday I got another facial by Takia and it was amazing! I felt so refreshed and my skin was glowing. She also gave me some recommendations for my skin. I can’t wait to go back to her for another facial. She’s great !

Maya Jack
June 9, 2020

Takia did my facial again last week, and it was nothing short of AMAZING. She recommended that I get the Mandelic Face and Body Scrub, and it has worked wonders on my skin. She is the best!

June 5, 2020

I’ve had my eyebrows, eyeliner and lips tattooed by Maddy. I’m also a permanent makeup artist and Maddy is the only one that I trust. I took Maddy’s eyeliner class recently and it was amazing. She’s not only thorough she’s very sweet and caring. I highly recommend taking a course or getting permanent makeup done here❤️

Misty Moye
April 29, 2020

I got my eyeliner tattooed on today by Maddy. She is very professional and nice ! She made sure I was super comfortable the entire time with numbing cream and a comfy pillow . I highly recommend Dejean Beauty for permanent makeup !!!

C. James
April 28, 2020

I wish I could give more than 5 stars. I had like no eyebrows (thank you 2000s) and she created something beautiful for me that fit my face and my expectations. Her shop is adorable and very clean. She was very accommodating with my crazy schedule and ran on time. Her friendly demeanor made me feel welcome and at ease. She’s a true artist and I would trust no one else to apply permanent makeup. Highly highly recommend! Thanks Maddy ❤️